Shevirat HaKelim & Tikkun 'Olam

('The Breaking of the Vessels' & 'The Repairing of the World')

Chapter 1.

1. After this, the light of Keter went forth from its root, with the rest of the lights that [would go] below it included in it, and together they entered its [i.e. Keter's] vessel. And, because it is impossible for it to produce light without 'mating' (zivvug), Keter 'mates' with itself, and produces the [other] nine. It then deposits them into the vessel of 'Abba ('the Father') which was standing below it on its right, [and which was] cleaving by its back to the back of 'Imma ('the Mother') which was standing at its left.

2. Then it 'mates' again and draws out the five powers of lovingkindness (hasadim) and the five powers of might (gevurot) and clothes them in its Netzach, Hod, Yesod, & Malchut. And by way of their backs, it gives them at the head of 'Abba & 'Imma, and gives light through the five powers of lovingkindness to 'Abba and through the five powers of might to 'Imma. By means of them, their backs are made greater, are separated, and are turned to face each other. Then 'Abba unites with her ['Imma] and gives her 'growing fat'.

3. These three then go forth in perfection with the ten points, which is not the case with Ze'eir 'Anpin ('the Impatient One') which goes out missing some of the points of Keter, Hochmah, Binah, & Da'at, nor with Malchut which goes out only with her points of Keter, in order that they might receive later on from the 'forty-five letter name' which includes all the missing lights as a gift for she has a gap so that they might depart when people sin.

4. 'Abba & 'Imma then return to 'mate' and 'Imma then produces the light of Da'at with the rest of the lights in its midst, and it then stands beneath the others in the middle. All the other 'kings', proceeding one light from another, stand below it, one below the other, in order that they might 'break' and 'die' and that free will, reward and punishment might exist in this world.

Chapter 2

1. How did this happen? When the seven lights entered into the Da'at's vessel--known as Bela' (cf. Genesis 36:32ff.)--it broke and 'died', for it went down to the place where the Da'at of Ber'iah was to be, while its light went down to the Malchut of 'Atzilut to give light to it....All seven behaved in this similar fashion....

Raphael Emmanuel ben Abraham Hai Ricchi (1688-1743), Mishnat Hasidim ('The Teaching of the Pious'), Seder Zera'im ('The Order of Seeds'), Tractate on 'The Death of the Kings' (Jerusalem: 1878), fol.10a-b.


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